Silas, our award winning artist has 16 years experience designing & tattooing in professional studios

Originally from the U.K. Silas, and after gaining a

Graphic Design Degree  (B.A Hons) Silas moved in the creative space of body art, tattoos.  

Silas has traveled extensively through England ,Scotland Wales and Ireland as well as Europe and Malaysia and here in New Zealand, visiting studios in each place meeting other artists and hearing their influences and stories. 


All of which have influenced his style, cultures , the stories and history of each place. and added to his body of knowledge and experience overall. 

From fineline through to larger colour and Black and Grey, Celtic, Oriental,Tribal, old/new school, Silas aims to bring all this together in a professional wraparound personalised service that focuses on

you and your experience.


If you love a great yarn Silas is your man!